March 2020

Is “Work from home” Really better?

Joe has an interesting point in his response to my last blog. Could all the ‘work from home’ requirements being foisted on us become permanent and thus affect cities central cores, all the businesses that survive based on a daily … Continue reading

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“We are Doing OK – But Those Guys Over there are in Real Trouble”

As I call around checking the temperature of the industry, I seem to get comments like the one above. Of course, there are owners and operators that are feeling the result of lower business and vacation travel, that are seeing … Continue reading

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An Entire Industry Shuts Down –

When we are told we can’t meet, can’t go to restaurants, can’t go the theaters, can’t travel and must work from home, where does that leave our cars? Well one place they aren’t is in parking garages. I’m told that … Continue reading


Update on Cancellation of PIE

Last week, the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC) announced that every event scheduled for March had been cancelled upon direction of the San Diego City Government and Health department, . including five major trade shows affecting more than 50,000 attendees.. … Continue reading

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In light of the Governor’s announcement, PIE 2020 is officially Cancelled

California bans mass gatherings to slow spread of coronavirus (Reuters) – California is banning mass gatherings of 250 people or more until the end of March in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the office of governor Gavin Newsom said late … Continue reading

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Putting things into perspective.

I’m as concerned as the next guy about the Coronavirus. But if we take some facts regarding the , flu vs this Corona virus. we might be able to put things into perspective. I’m not trying to make light of … Continue reading

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