Some Small Reason for Optimism

I had an interesting discussion with a neighbor during my ‘Suki Walk” (dog walk) yesterday. She is an RN at a local 480 bed hospital. I asked her how things were going. Her comment was “strange.”

It seems that their ER was empty. She said that the ‘normal’ cases they received at the emergency room had dwindled to nearly zero. Automobile accidents, normal on the job injuries, bar fights, drive by shootings had all simply gone away. See what social distancing can do.

She also noted that typical flu and ‘bad cold’ cases were diminishing also. Most likely for the same reasons.

She commented that they hadn’t seen an influx of Coronavirus cases but were preparing for it and frankly the reduction in ‘normal’ cases was providing room if and when it happened.

Understand this is a completely non scientific ‘model’ and is nothing more than a couple of neighbors gossiping. (I note she stayed the requisite six feet from us.)

Granted we are in LA and the number of cases has not ‘peaked’ but perhaps this is some reason for optimism.


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