April 2020

Musings on CV-19 and Parking

In the previous blog I posited that the populace would eventually shrug off social distancing and the rest and go back to work. I noted that this may already be beginning. Today I had to drive to the bank to … Continue reading

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A Little Consistency, Please

Americans aren’t stupid. If our betters tell us to do one thing, then tell us to do the opposite, then issue conflicting direction, we will figure it out. And then most probably ignore everything. It is legal for large home … Continue reading


Happy Easter

Christians believe that Christ was crucified and died today, 2000 years ago and then was raised from the dead on Sunday and made his way to heaven. This is the time of the very heart of the Christian faith. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Death by PowerPoint    

“OMG, not another Webinar.” How often have you heard or said that, particularly at this time of social distancing? We can’t go to a seminar, so it is put online and we attend digitally. And we are treated to a … Continue reading

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It was just the Cars…

I can do nothing but laugh at the arrogance of some people. I just read a long article in “Wired” about the incoming head of San Francisco’s MTA, Jeff Tumlin. The author and his subject took a bike ride around … Continue reading


Don Shoup and Pricing the Curb

My UCLA buddy Don Shoup has penned a missif for the IPMI which basically rehashes his decade old theories about setting on street pricing so that there are a couple of spaces always free on each block face. You can … Continue reading


“The Recovery of the Parking Industry May be Faster than you Think.”

I’m preparing the May issue of Parking Today and have come across an article we will be featuring. “The New Commute: Looking at Tomorrow’s Mass Transit, Today.” The headline is misleading. The title should be: “The Recovery of the Parking … Continue reading

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Necessity is the mother of invention

From Genetec: They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and this announcement is a perfect example of that. A few days ago, McCormick Place, the largest convention center in the US, reached out to Genetec with an idea: … Continue reading

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The Urban Forest, Part Deux

So we hardened up the kitchen, and closed off the dog door at night – to keep out the raccoon who was foraging in the cat food.  But that also locked in the dog, who we discovered went out at … Continue reading

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In times of crisis – Innovation thrives

I received this note from Spot Parking’s CEO Elizabeth Zealand. If you have any innovation that has emerged during this crisis let me know…JVH Code the curb company Spot Parking knows what it’s like to adapt. As a scale-up operating … Continue reading

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