Some Good News in a time of Crisis

I received the following from Ellis Dumont, CEO of Advanced Parking Concepts. Congratulations to him and his company in continuing their residential food delivery assistance program. I appreciate the shout out, but all the Kudos go to Tom Carter and The Toledo Ticket Company. It was Tom’s idea to repurpose and donate the bags his company sponsored for PIE 2020. They were ordered and delivered and we are happy they were put to good use.

Advanced Parking Concepts (APC) Residential Food Delivery Assistance Program continues to roll. During this Covid-19 pandemic, APC’s dedicated staff is committed to keeping our clients safe. A special shout out to Tom Carter of the Toledo Ticket Company and John Van Horn of the Parking Today Magazine, for repurposing & donating 1000 premium shopping bags to our effort.

Thanks to Ellis and Tom. They show what the parking industry is all about.



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  1. Barbara Chance says:

    Bravo to all involved, and the gentlemen who made it happen!

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