The Urban Forest, Part Deux

So we hardened up the kitchen, and closed off the dog door at night – to keep out the raccoon who was foraging in the cat food.  But that also locked in the dog, who we discovered went out at night to visit the facilities (Her age seems to affect her bladder the same as with humans). She decided that the TV room was as good as the back lawn, but that’s another story.

So we moved the cat food out of reach of the raccoon…and reopened the dog door. But the little critter is persistent. He (she?) came in last night and was able to figure out how to open the drawer where the dog food is kept and had at it, washing it in the dog’s water dish.

Tomorrow will find the drawers protected with chairs in front of them.

This is a welcome reminder that in spite of pandemics, life in the Urban Forest, crazy as it is, goes on.


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