Parking Lot Radio

The Pandemic has inspired innovation. Churches particularly want to hold services and keep social distancing. An outfit in Oregon is developing a “parking lot radio”.  It’s a low powered AM radio that enables broadcasts in an area about the size of most surface lots legally.

Seems that the FCC has restrictions about low powered radios and most FM and AM transmitters available have to meet their rules and be licensed, an expensive and time consuming task. Many organizations operate radios illegally. But many don’t wish to run up against the law.

This firm is developing a radio it will sell for around $250 and churches and like organizations can use them to transmit their services to folks in their cars in parking lots.

I began to wonder if this might be something operators could use in lots not necessarily connected to churches or schools. We could transmit information about the facility the lot serves, or maybe ‘specials’ and promotions for nearby retail establishments. How about information as to when the next shuttle was leaving for the airport or where to find the elevator down to the first floor. Maybe someone could tell jokes or short stories. Who knows, people may sit in their cars to listen and end up paying more to park.

You can find more information on parknews.biz – The article ran on April 24.

It’s another idea that we might use to make our parking locations more ‘user friendly.’


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