The Upcoming Months will be A Disaster  NOT!!

Even in California, which has become the epicenter for the “lockdown” we are seeing more activity, automobile activity, that is, daily. And automobile activity is what we need to bring our industry back.

I read almost daily about people who won’t use Uber or ride the bus but are instead electing to take the family car. ParkLet is a company that is like an Airbnb for parking, serving as a go between for people who need spaces and people who have them. They are based in the UK. Catch this quote. You can read the entire article on Parknews.biz.

ParkLet initially experienced an 82% slump in demand for parking spaces at the beginning of the UK’s lockdown period. However, it has since seen a 47% rise above normal volumes as many commuters seek out alternatives to using public transport, such as renting a private parking spaces for their own vehicle.

This is in a country where public transportation is the mode of choice. We will be seeing this here in the US soon.

Closer to home, data collected by Pay by Cell company Park Mobile shows that volumes began to increase in late April and continue through this day. You can see those figures also on Parknews.biz

The freeways are becoming more and more crowded. Restaurants and clubs are opening and people are driving to them. My guess is that offices will begin to open and people will have to get to them.

We are going to have a very happy Fourth of July.


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