June 2020

Don’t Panic: Third Quarter Begins Tomorrow

My industry sources tell me that many of the parking improvements that were scheduled for installation in the third quarter were moved to the second to take advantage of the fact that most parking facilities were empty. This gave the … Continue reading

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Is the Parking Industry Racist?

I have been thinking about the maelstrom in which we find ourselves. Is everything truly about race. Is every action we take meant to reflect white privilege and white supremacy? Certainly that is so if you believe the media and … Continue reading

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The Masque

OK, I’ll admit it, I am not comfortable wearing a mask. Its hot, its smelly, it fogs my glasses, and frankly I miss seeing the faces of people I meet on the street or in a store. The inconsistencies that … Continue reading


Looking out the Window – This Rebound is a good thing

As I drove around Southern California on Friday there was a sense that we were back to normal traffic wise. Interstate 15 north out of San Diego was jammed with what I would call the usual Friday night chaos. The … Continue reading

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AV has come up against a brick wall, its AI

Have you noticed that we don’t see so many articles these days about how autonomous vehicles will be taking over the automotive industry and that there will be no need for parking in the future? What has happened to the … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Opens – Parking Keeps up              

The City of Las Vegas is opening up and the Parking Department is right in step. Read about it on parknews.biz. According to LV Parking guru Brandy Stanley: We’re trying to help folks come downtown by giving them some options … Continue reading

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Shields up — Gun Ports Open

We are getting a lot of reaction on Astrid’s first person post.  You can read it here. I just reread it and I believe the positive reaction is because her post comes from love, not hate and anger. It’s so … Continue reading


First Person – Like the Windows, My Heart is Shattered…

Parknews.biz editor Astrid Ambroziak lives a block from the corner of Third street and Fairfax in Los Angeles, the spot where the demonstrations and looting began last Saturday. Here are her observations. “Sorrow comes in great waves…but rolls over us, … Continue reading