July 2020

We are Veterans

From Correspondent Joe: We left home as teenagers or in our early twenties for an unknown adventure. We loved our country enough to defend it and protect it with our own lives. We said goodbye to friends and family and … Continue reading

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Further to: Race

I received the following via email from a parking planner in Virginia: A thought in response to your musings on parking and race – I don’t believe that parking ordinances or policies such as RPP are racist, but I do … Continue reading

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Is Parking Racist? Part 2

I wrote last month that I was going to host a discussion on racism in parking. I had read a number of articles about the topic and felt maybe it was one that could be of value to our industry. … Continue reading


Yep… We Changed the Dates for PIE 2021 — It’s Now Set for April 12-15.

We are announcing new dates for PIE 2021. Our venue has offered us new dates and we grabbed them up. PIE 2021 will be held April 12-15 at the Schaumburg, IL Convention Center, a short 15 minute drive from Chicago’s … Continue reading

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Is Parking Back?

Is parking back? Will the recovery be a “V” or a lopsided “S”? The answers to these questions mean jobs, profit, and in some cases survival. Parking Today reached out to industry leaders and received encouraging news. In some cases … Continue reading

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Some Good News – Looking out the Window

I have noticed that the number of cars in the garage under our building is slowly increasing. In February it was full, in March empty, but now maybe 25% and increasing at about 5% a week. It is also an … Continue reading

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Little Things

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s the ‘little things’ that really get under your skin. Minor inconveniences or simply things that catch your attention that bug you. For instance: When I sit in our living room, I look out … Continue reading

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It’s About Independence and Opportunity

Celebrations like Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day are among the things that define the American Experiment. When we declared independence from England nearly 250 years ago, the country didn’t magically become ‘free’ and all our people ‘equal’. We … Continue reading