That’s a Pretty Tough Policy

According to Chicago Sun Times Reporter Mary Mitchell:

Under the current policy, “Vehicles are eligible for a boot if a registered owner accrues three or more unpaid parking, red-light and/or automated speed enforcement tickets that reach final determination status or accrues two unpaid parking, red-light and/or automated speed enforcement tickets in final-determination status older than one year.”

That’s a pretty tough policy.

So let’s see – A person is unable to deal with a parking ticket, so they ignore it. Then they get another one, and then a third, ignoring them all. They can’t go to the Parking Bureau, or call them or write them and request a way to pay off the ticket, they just ignore them.

Or they get two tickets and ignore them for a year.

So why have parking tickets at all?

I agree that there are cases where the fines can be onerous. My suggestion has been that the city could set up ‘parking school’ like traffic school. Have it scheduled so it is convenient. People could get their parking tickets absolved if that attend ‘parking school.’  Make it a hour or two, and stress why we have parking rules, review all signage and markings, and let them leave with a new understanding of parking.

If people are treated like adults, who knows, maybe they will act like adults.


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