The Masque – Part Deux             

Astrid reports over at Parknews.biz that the Dutch have determined that wearing a mask is of no particular value and are not recommending it except in some extreme situations. Read all about it here.

Being a contrarian I am not a great fan of masks. I do wear one, however, as a courtesy to others when going into stores, entering restaurants, on busy sidewalks, and between my car and my office. I also wear them to go to the restroom here at work.

I also following the guidance of the State of California as follows:

The order includes several exceptions, including for outdoor recreation and exercise such as walking, hiking, running or bicycling. But if people are doing such activities and cannot stay 6 feet apart from others, the state says they should wear masks.

When I walk Suki at 5 AM and 4 PM I don’t wear a mask. (See guidance about walking above).  Suki ensures that I’m more than six feet away from others, particularly UPS and Fedex drivers.

Frankly I find masks uncomfortable. I have difficulty breathing when wearing them. They are hot, and after taking them off I usually have some soreness in my nasal passages for up to half an hour. I also know that it’s true that wearing masks is to protect others from me, not vice versa.

I have another reason I don’t think we should wear masks. When we are so covered, we cannot see the facial expressions of other people. Nor can they see ours. I know smiles that light up a room, but not any more. I know frowns that telegraph entire paragraphs. Now, not so much. In other words, it is hard to properly communicate with people who are wearing masks. Plus if, like me, you are mostly deaf, its virtually impossible to hear what other people wearing masks are saying.

The state of CA recommends masks in parking garages. Now, when was the last time you were within six feet of someone in a parking garage?   Just sayin.

It seems to me that if we were really serious about this mask business, we would have people who could be really harmed by Covid 19 – the elderly, infirm, sick,  – wear masks like surgical masks that actually protected them from the disease . Others who were afraid could do the same. Then let the rest of us go about our business, maskless.  Sure wash your hands often, sneeze into your elbow, keep a distance, stay home if your are sick, and lets get back to life.

I’m sure our betters have other ideas and will continue to destroy what few pleasures we have left.



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