On the Road, Well at least the Internet, Again

Willie Nelson would be proud. We are on the road again to attend the National Parking Association’s trade show next week in New Orleans. At least we would be had not events intervened. So we will miss the great food, music, and most importantly the personal interaction with colleagues and friends in the Big Easy. However…

Christine Banning and her crew are holding a virtual event running Monday Thru Wednesday next to celebrate our industry. It’s called PMX Live. You can learn all about it here.

There will be speakers, events, and yes, my favorite, a virtual trade show. You will be able to meet, live and in person, the people who make all the technology that keeps our parking garages and on street spaces humming. Take time and visit. See what our industry has to offer.

I’ll be attending and live blogging here throughout the three days. I’m being sponsored by Orbility and Rytech so I’ll be doing my best to give you some hints about the places to go and people to see. Check back over the weekend for some ideas, dates and times. Let’s learn about virtual events together.

See you next week in New Orleans, well almost.



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