NPA’s PMX Live is On the Air – Join JVH There.

The NPA’s Virtual Trade Event is up  and running. You can link to it here.

I have been wandering around the show and find it easy to navigate. Today is focused on dozens of webinars that are filled with information from technology to planning. You can scroll through them at your leisure and update your parking knowledge. Its interactive to the point that you can get questions answered on line.

Also today at 5:30 Eastern, their Parkapoolza Virtual Party will air with a wild playlist, everything from Black Eyed Peas to Bon Jovi. — OK you can turn the sound down if you like. Its a huge chat room and everyone who is anyone, including yours truly, will be there.

Tomorrow is more knowledge, but I’m looking forward to the opening of the trade show floor. In addition to dropping by Orbility and Rytec I’ll be cruising the floor, chatting with vendors of all stripes. I’ll report back and give you and update throughout the day tomorrow and Wednesday.


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