Why Have Vacations?

Parkmobile has done a survey on people taking vacations and where, how long, and whether they drove or took other transportation. You can access the survey here.

The one thing that caught my eye was that many people commented that since they were working from home, and all set up with a home office on their computer, they simply packed their laptop in their suitcase and could carry one working, making their vacation more productive.

Where is it written that your vacation should be ‘productive.’ I see this as another disaster that the lockdown and Covid-19 has placed upon us. Why have vacations anyway?

Many companies have developed a use it or lose it policy.  They want their employees to take their vacation time. Its important to get away, recharge, and burn off some steam. When you come back you have a fresh outlook and are more productive.

I wonder if the fact that people are working from home is a similar issue. Do you ever leave the office? I get emails from folks in the middle of the night, and they expect an immediate response. Can you sit down to dinner without receiving a phone call from a colleague or a customer. “I’m at work, why aren’t you?”

Can we never kick back, have an adult beverage, and leave the office behind? This home office fiasco has put us all in a difficult position. Yes, Yes I know that we can ignore the home office, but when everyone knows you are working from home, can you really?

Isn’t it time to get back in the office and get a tad of separation between work and home?


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