Teams…Are they the best or the worst?

There used to be two teams in every workplace: management and labor. Now there’s a third team, the linchpins. These people invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos. They figure out … Continue reading

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Malaise is more contagious than Covid

As some states begin another ‘lockdown’ I have been considering malaise. Its like a low grade fever. You have it, but its not bad enough to do anything about. But is it? Malaise is horrible. You look outside and there … Continue reading


Good Enough is No Longer Good Enough

I received a missif from my son, the high school principal, today. I will edit the personal stuff. Here is the most interesting: Leading a group of people through the pandemic experience (following rules, bending where we can, holding fast … Continue reading


Blind Spot

When I began this post I was thinking about the ‘Blind Spot’ of which every single driver should be aware. If you aren’t, you should have your license revoked. However in considering the title, I realized that we all have … Continue reading

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Sometimes Its Hard to be Thankful

Looking back on 2020 its hard to be thankful. We are faced with a pandemic, economic disruption, a chaotic political scene, the most destructive riots in history, natural disasters, a governing class seemingly unwilling to take the needs and feelings … Continue reading

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Don’t pay the Ransom, I’ve Escaped

I know, its been a while since I have blogged. We all get down a bit. But this past week has been an eyeopener for me. I hadn’t been on an airplane for nine months. For most, that doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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People are just Tired, But Annie has it right!

Astrid pointed out this morning that as she walked to the post office yesterday, her neighborhood seemed subdued. There was no energy in her central city area. Traffic seemed down, the normal shops and stores were empty, it was like … Continue reading

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Why Have Vacations?

Parkmobile has done a survey on people taking vacations and where, how long, and whether they drove or took other transportation. You can access the survey here. The one thing that caught my eye was that many people commented that … Continue reading

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LPR – A Hot Topic

The post I wrote a few days ago on License Plate Recognition has exploded on Linkedin. Jordan puts my blogs up on my Linkedin page and almost 5000 people have viewed it in the past week and a half. There … Continue reading

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A Solution for the Divisive Crisis in which We Find Ourselves

There is no question that the election season 2020 is divisive; brother against sister, husband against wife, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend. We find that someone is voting for ‘the other guy’ and we write them off as ‘insane’, … Continue reading

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