Perseverance, It’s All There Is.

The IPMI’s Shawn Conrad is a reader. Looking for inspiration in our time of trouble, he picked up David McCollough’s book, 1776. Shawn writes:

I find inspiration in many different ways, and this book reminded me that while 2020 was a year like no other for all of us, others in our country’s history have experienced terrible turmoil and triumphed. The American War of Independence pitted an untrained, undisciplined army of colonists against the world’s most powerful army and naval force. The war with the British military lasted from 1775 to 1783 and gave us numerous inspirational leaders: Washington, Green, Knox, Hamilton, Adams, and Hancock among many others. Every time I read McCullough’s detailed retelling of the trials and tribulations that occurred during the pivotal year of 1776, I am reminded of the luck and good fortune the Continental Army experienced when all odds were against them and their fate was dire and uncertain.

General George Washington stressed the need for perseverance; for perseverance and spirit, for patience and perseverance, for unremitting courage and perseverance, and finally for unrelenting perseverance.

Shawn is so right. Never, ever give up. Keep you eye on the goal and keep moving. It’s a great lesson and inspiration for all  of us. Thanks Shawn.


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