Hospitals and ERs in Los Angeles

I took a ‘look out the window’ report on the Hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Two weeks ago the headlines were telling us that doomsday was just around the corner and Covid was going to overwhelm the healthcare system.

According to an employee of the famed Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, who has asked to be anonymous for obvious reasons, the hospital is currently as busy as it has ever been. But not with CV patients. “Sure there is the odd heart surgery and the like, but we are now overwhelmed with elective plastic surgery,” he said.  “We have the time and the room, so people are scheduling their surgery as fast as they can.”

This is fantastic news. Our health care system is getting back to normal. You know what that mean, Covid is going away. This is completely unscientific, and the CDC doesn’t make predictions…well not accurate ones, anyway, but its another indication that we have turned the corner.

You read it here first, and will probably never see it on social media, or the mainstream press. We just can’t let a good crisis go to waste, or end.


By the Way, all your Karens out there. Don’t bother beating me up over this post. It won’t do any good. 🙂

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