In Person Events are Happening Now

Planning for events like PIE takes months. We can’t just wake up July first and say, “OK, let start thinking about what we are doing at PIE.” We have been working on this since last year. But we are not alone. Event after event are in the planning stages, and scheduled for the near future.

San Diego, for instance, has six events scheduled for its convention center between June 1 and July 30. These exhibitions will attract over 35,000 people. The huge construction event, World of Concrete, will be held in Las Vegas in June. More than 60,000 people will be in attendance.

Fifteen events are happening in Orlando alone between now and the end of July. You can imagine the number of families that will be attending those shows, as well as visiting with Mickey and Donald.

According to Texas Highways magazine more than 200 events attended by as few as a couple of hundred people to more than 5,000 will be held between now and the end of July in Texas.  Over 250 events of all sizes are scheduled for Georgia during the same time period. I could go on and on and if you are interested, Google a state name and ‘exhibitions’ and see what’s happening.

Thousands of events have been rescheduled over the past year. Many have been cancelled, others have gone virtual. The feedback we have received from those attending virtual events of all types have been less than stellar. Let’s face it, nothing can replace ‘face to face.’

With the advent of vaccines, herd immunity, and the precipitous drop in Covid cases, event planners are getting a move on and states are welcoming visitors. I know it can be scary but even the “if it bleeds it leads” media is beginning to post positive news about life getting back to normal. And quickly.

Events like those mentioned above are just the ‘shot in the arm’ (pun intended) we need to return to a normal business footing. And it can happen quickly. The positive looks on the vendors faces will turn the malaise of the past year into action.

See you in Dallas in July.


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