Its A Con Game

If you are a manufacturer you have probably received an email from a company hawking mailing lists from upcoming parking events. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Its is a confidence game. There is no list, and if there is one, it has no relationship to reality. We have received offers from lists for events that have been moved, cancelled, or postponed. These include some of the largest exhibitions held each year, including Intertraffic and Parkex in the UK.

These creatures have also gone after the PIE show, offering mailing lists and even reporting that the event has been cancelled. There is a very important program that has been built into your computer. Its the button called “DELETE”  Use it.

Here is the memo we are sending to all exhibitors and participants in PIE 2021:

It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails have been circulating concerning the 2021 PIE event and often related to listings of attendees. These emails are completely bogus and have no relationship to Parking Today or the Parking Industry Exhibition.

It seems that confidence organizations attempt to sell “mailing lists” of attendees. They have NO lists of attendees. This is a complete fraud. Any information coming from such sources is incorrect and should be ignored.

The only valid information about PIE 2021 or its attendees comes from me or is posted on our web site, www.pieshow.parkingtoday.com.

The Parking Industry Exhibition is being held July 18-21 in Dallas, Texas.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Marcy Sparrow

We were pretty sure these offers were cons when we received one last month offering a list of attendees for PIE 2020. If you remember it was cancelled due to the pandemic. These people have no honor.

See you in Dallas in July


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  1. Thanks for the heads up!

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