I’m Stunned and Gratified

Marcy and Kelley are reporting that we are nearing 600 attendees at PIE 2021. Yes, you read right. Nearly 600 people have pre-registered for our Parking Industry Exhibition to be held in Mid-July in Dallas. We have also heard from numerous parking pros that they are planning to attend, and the hotel has told us that rooms are going fast.

We are about 100 days out from the event and remember, we get the majority of our attendees in the last month. I can’t predict just how big this show will be, but frankly, if history is any telling point, it will be the largest we have ever had. Let’s face it, people are tired of zoom, they are tired of sitting home, they are looking for face to face meetings. And those meeting are happening in Dallas in July.

Start making you plans now, and get those registrations in. Simply log on to pieshow.parkingtoday.com and all the info is there.

Thank you in advance. The parking industry is back.


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