May 2021

The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

I literally tripped over this headline, written in chalk in the street near our home. The neighbor kids were celebrating Memorial Day and left the message for the rest of us. Memorial Day is a time to remember. A time … Continue reading

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Cruella… A Fab way to go back to the Movies   

Disney’s Cruella is a fun movie. But you can’t take is as a true prequal to 101 Dalmatians. Its more like 101 Dalmatians meets the Devil Wears Prada. You need to forget everything you knew about Cruella di Vil and … Continue reading

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Let’s Face It. We’re Back

I’m aware there are a few pockets of Covid Virus here and there and certainly we must be mindful of those who aren’t vaccinated or are in the demographic that covers those who are potentially in danger from the disease … Continue reading

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Email, Texts and the Loss of Conversation

Someone in the vast PT organization had to cancel a meeting the other day. She sent out an email cancelling the meeting and set off a deluge of emails (9 in total) all of which were filled with “OK”, “I … Continue reading

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I was proofing the final PDFs for PT June and noted in my column that I had commented even thought a lot of personal service is gone, that banks now at least replace a lost card with a temporary one … Continue reading

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Ignore the Pundits, Go and have a good time.

I read over on Parknews.biz that parking is full in Chicago. The mandarins at Streetsblog are heading for their fainting couches as people are actually driving to downtown Chicago and OMG not using public transportation. They are predicting carmageddon by … Continue reading

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Install the Charging Station — Charge for the Power

I know I’m the resident cynic in the parking business, but can anyone tell me why we are getting in line to install  charging stations for electric vehicles (which now represent around 2% of our potential customers,) and then giving … Continue reading


Have we Lost our Sense of Humor?

Jerry Seinfeld has decided to no longer take his standup show to college campuses. “ “I don’t play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, ‘Don’t go near colleges. They’re so PC,’” he said. “They just want … Continue reading

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What was he Thinking?

What was Churchill thinking about when he sat on the roof of 10 Downing Street and watched the bombs fall on his beloved London. He knew that it probably wasn’t the safest place. His staff was pleading with him to … Continue reading

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Get your Engine Started

A friend of mine went out for drinks with a group of friends last week. She told me she stewed about the decision to go out for a couple of days. She just didn’t really want to go. Well maybe, … Continue reading

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