Get your Engine Started

A friend of mine went out for drinks with a group of friends last week. She told me she stewed about the decision to go out for a couple of days. She just didn’t really want to go. Well maybe, she said that wasn’t it. She just really didn’t want to go to the trouble to go. You know, get dressed, actually go out, and in this case walk three blocks to the spot where they were to meet. It was just a pain.

After she went, she was a different person. “I just loved it. We talked, laughed, had some serious and some not so serious discussions. It was fun. I’m so glad I went. It started my engine.”

I know what she means. I have gotten in to a rut, particularly with food. It is so easy to cook a frozen pizza, order in, or well…that’s about it. It doesn’t take much to talk R and I out of cooking. Food is no fun, it’s for survival.

Our engines have been in mothballs for over a year. We have been trained to be homebodies, to meet via zoom, to text and email, to watch TV. Why go out? Its so much trouble.

My friend experienced the benefit of actually getting ‘out there.’ The ‘drinks with friends’ was fun, but she said it was more important that she broke the doldrums and actually got her ‘engine’ going. Now she is looking forward to weekly jaunts with her friends, to talking face to face, to quaffing a few and letting her hair down just a bit.

Come to think of it, what better way to get ‘out there’ than to register for PIE 2021. It’s a great venue. We have lots of seminars, and of course, over a hundred companies anxious to tell their stories. You can register here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines.


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