Let’s Face It. We’re Back

I’m aware there are a few pockets of Covid Virus here and there and certainly we must be mindful of those who aren’t vaccinated or are in the demographic that covers those who are potentially in danger from the disease (elderly, obese, those with preexisting conditions) but from what we can hear from all the scientific experts Covid Virus is on the run.

There are multiple stories over at Parknews.biz describing the upcoming Memorial Day weekend travel and predicting records in all areas, including parking. My experience, our office being adjacent to LAX, is that parking is filling up fast (we have an off airport parking facility in our building). This can only be good news.

There is truly pent up demand and folks are taking advantage of the lessening of Covid regulations and filling restaurants and clubs. I expect to actually go see a movie this weekend, in a theater. It’s only been 14 months since we have entered those wonderful multiplexes.

National Parks are full. Folks just want to get out and feel the freedom. They want to live their lives. I expect that our betters are feeling the heat, too. The CDC has removed mask requirements, many states have followed suit, and even California, that’s CALIFORNIA will remove most all Covid requirements in three weeks.

Traffic was back to precovid levels this past weekend. I had forgotten to take the back roads I used to use to get around the 405 and Lincoln and Washington. Oh well, I was visualizing all those cars looking for a place to park. It was wonderful.

Have a happy Memorial day. Drive, fly, and remember to park.




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