I think our glass is half full

The airport parking area in my building is completely full. I’m told that shopping centers around LA were jammed this weekend. Traffic is becoming more and more difficult. The 405 is back to normal. I chatted with an operator in upstate New York and was told that his locations were filling up quite nicely, thank you very much.  News reports are that parking at airports such as Atlanta is chaotic. Service is slow at many restaurants as customers overwhelm waitstaff. I’m flying to DFW this week and note that except for a few middle seats, the plane is full. Valet operations are booming as hospitals are accepting non emergency procedures and hotels and restaurants are “open for business.”

I’m actually running into people in our building (I hadn’t seen a living soul for months) and most weren’t wearing masks.

I don’t want to be taken as a cockeyed optimist, but it seems to me that business is back to normal, sooner rather than later. Reports I’m getting tell me that the biggest problem operators have now is finding employees to fill vacancies.

The first day of summer was yesterday and let’s face it, people are ready to get out there and work and play like as if covid never happened.


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