July 2021

World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer Say “Meh” to EVs

Toyota has not jumped on the EV bandwagon. In fact, according to the New York Times, a top Toyota executive has met regularly with US government officials to attempt to slow down the government’s efforts to push EV sales. From … Continue reading


I know — It’s Not New Year’s Eve

In December 2018 I made some predictions. I noted at the time that predictions were easy to make, since no one really checked up a year later as to how you did. Well I tripped over these predictions while reading … Continue reading

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60 over 60

We are inundated with lists. If you check the New York Times, Forbes, or any of the other major media outlets, you find lists of gazillionaires, houses over 100 million, women, blacks, young up and comers, 20 over 20, 30 … Continue reading

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PIE 2021 — In Person, Face to Face, in a word Awesome

Such a great time. Thank you PT for blazing the trail and being first! It is soooo great to be back! Thank you Parking Today Media for being bold and getting us all on the path to normalcy by putting … Continue reading


Maybe OZ Could use a Wizard

I spoke with a friend in Australia and his normally happy upbeat self seemed beaten down. His business was good, he said, and his family healthy, but he told me the story of rolling lock downs in his country. He … Continue reading

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Why is this Trade Event So Important?

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.                      ….Teddy Roosevelt. It is so easy to go with the status quo. Our status quo over … Continue reading

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Mary Responds to my EV Blog

I thought Mary’s comments on my screed yesterday on EV’s was important enough to bring it to light. It follows:  With my comments. 1. EVs still aren’t cost effective over life cycle without huge govt subsidies. But if battery costs … Continue reading

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EVs and Unintended Consequences

An environmental realist who spoke at PIE a few years ago commented on politicians who got all hot and bothered about the latest environmental fad and then for whatever reason allowed their excitement to go fallow when they were out … Continue reading

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But I Like the Taste of Coke, Now and Then

I know politics do tend to creep into this blog from time to time. I readily admit it is difficult to keep them out, particularly if you are passionate about one thing or another. However let it be said that … Continue reading

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I had to laugh…

Columnist Nicholas Goldberg, writing in the LA Times, has opined that we are seeing a rash of folks running for office that have no previous political experience. He blames this on the previous administration’s influx of ‘citizen’ politicians and seems … Continue reading

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