A Christmas Gift to Yourself

This has been a hell of a year and merely surviving has been challenging. We are down to the last two weeks of the year and I have a suggestion. Take em off and relax. Play, sleep, eat, commune, go to church. Recharge those batteries so when you hit the ground in January it is running, and not a splat.

Let’s face it. There is going to be virtually no business done in the next two weeks. So why not take advantage of the down time and give yourself that most precious of gifts, good psyche and good health.

We are doing that here at Parking Today. Don’t expect a lot out of us for the next two weeks. But look out January, we have a lot planned for 2022.

To all our friends, be they Christian or Jew, Muslim or Buddhist, or even a non believer we wish you the most happy, magical and restful holiday season.  See you next year.


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