Maybe Its Not Just the Payroll…

At the SWAPTA conference last week we were overwhelmed with wonderful conversations with people who seemed to know about what they were talking. One was Maria Tamayo-Soto who is a parking administrator with the economic and urban development department with … Continue reading

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What Happens if there is no Risk?

Nothing… All advancements society has made since its beginning have been involved with risk. Consider some synonyms: danger, hazard, imminence, menace, peril, pitfall, threat, trouble. It sounds like a definition of a horror movie. Perhaps it is. What happens to … Continue reading

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I guess we got our answer

A few weeks ago, I wrote of the heroes on flight 93 and asked what would happen today. Would we storm the cockpit? Last week, a woman was raped on a train in Philadelphia. She was in plain view of … Continue reading


Cities Enact Policy After Policy to Reduce Driving Except…

Los Angeles International Airport has just opened a new 4300 car garage as part of its $5.5 billion off airport expansion including a major car rental facility and a people mover to connect the garage and rental car facility to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe the Numbers

Headlines in the New York Times: As E-Scooters and E-Bikes Proliferate, Safety Challenges Grow. Read all about it on parknews.biz Fair Enough. Safety is going to become a big issue. However there are some numbers in this article that tend … Continue reading

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

I have a tendency to go where Angels fear to tread and talk about things I know nothing about. This may be one of those times. Matt Penney, head of parking and transportation at Baylor, and a trainer at the … Continue reading

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Herd Mentality – The Antidote to Creativity

We all know about herd immunity. That point where the herd (that’s us) becomes immune, or at least partially immune to a disease. We strive for that with a combination of vaccination and natural immunity through actually having the disease. … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the NPA   

This week was parking week for our industry.  Christine Banning, Dave Damus, and the entire National Parking Association team deserve a victory lap after the group’s national convention held in Las Vegas. The stars seemed aligned for them as they … Continue reading

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Strike it Rich at PIE 2022

You may have already won. See complete details below. Click on the chip at the top of this page to enter your number or log on to www.parkingtoday.com    

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Are Cities Using Parking as a Hammer to Get Folks out of Cars?

The City of Santa Monica has decided to demolish a 300 plus space parking structure adjacent to its downtown mall and replace it with a multi-use project including low cost housing. It is being sued by local businesses who say … Continue reading