Is the Glass Half Full, or Half Empty

Although the main stream media simply cannot allow any optimism for 2022, I am optimistic. We have had record rain and snow here in California and although those half empty guys are saying that it makes no difference, the drought is still with us, I am optimistic that water from the heavens is here and more on the way.

The insanity that has caused record crime in our major cities seems to have begun to run its course, with police being ‘refunded’, criminals beings arrested and put in jail, and trending, at least, is mayors and other elected officials actually doing something about crime. (See San Francisco, Seattle, New York, for starters.)

I’m no Covid expert, but it appears that although screaming headlines says that the Omicron virus is spreading rapidly, the actual death rate is going down. I’m sure that has to do with many things including vaccination, treatments, and the seeming fact that Omicron is less virulent than previous versions.

In spite of all the Covid bad news, the stock market seems to be holding its own with the numbers ending 2021 up. Looking out my window, I see the freeway full, the airport extremely busy, and lots of commercial activity. Inflation is a problem, but in general, the economy appears strong.

My sense is that people are simply not letting ‘bad’ news get them down. They are vacationing, traveling, and getting out to play. In general folks are telling me ‘enough is enough.’ Common sense is pushing its way to the surface. All of the so called mainstream media sources, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, and the networks all are showing much lower viewership. This can only have a positive effect.

From my point of view, the glass is half full. Have a great 2022. Optimism is out there, and if you look for it you can find it.


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