Here’s the headline:

Automotive Lobbying Group Abandons the Term “Self-Driving” That’s Tesla’s mess to deal with.

You can read the article over on Parknews.biz. Basically the autonomous vehicle industry is acknowledging that so called ‘self driving cars’ aren’t happening and are changing the name to avoid liability with car owners. Dale Denda call your office.

It is what I have been saying for the past decade. Self driving cars are difficult to build, if not impossible with the current available technology. Elon Musk can say anything he wants, but that doesn’t make it happen.

All, that’s ALL so called self driving or autonomous vehicles require that a licensed driver be behind the wheel. Period. This is after at least 10 years of promises, just around the corner speeches, and silicon valley hype.

They have determined that the term, ‘self driving’ is misleading and could lead to drivers taking risks that might lead to dangerous situations. Ya Think?

Companies are telling us that they are one line of code away from ‘self driving’. Its just not true. Don’t be mislead. Computers aren’t fast enough, the code isn’t good enough, the sensors don’t work in all real world situations, the need for interconnection between vehicles isn’t there, roads simply aren’t designed for this type of vehicle. The list is endless.

The first vehicles that will be truly autonomous will be long haul truckers. They will work on interstate highways and will be driven to those highways by human drivers, and will be picked up at the end of the interstate by human drivers and driven to their final destination. That makes economic sense. And will work. A car that picks you up in front of you house and drives  you to work does not.

You read it here first, a decade ago, and you are reading it here again. The laws of physics don’t change. Wishing doesn’t make it so.


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