Super Bowl: Awards are Important

The winner of the Super Bowl received the Lombardi Trophy. That was the highlight of the football awards season. But there were numerous awards given during the game. People were honored for being inducted into the Hall of Fame. MVPs were honored. From my point of view the most important award was the Walter Peyton Man of the Year award. It was given to Andrew Whitworth not only for his work as a footballer, but also for his charitable work in his community. The award was for the whole person.

When we give awards, it enables us to think about what people have done, and consider the value they add to our organization, our culture, and our society. Most people don’t do what they do simply to win awards, they do what they do because it is that they do. They excel because they work hard, put in the effort, and make their contribution. They deserve to be honored.

Every group, every organization, every profession gives awards. They honor their own. They honor contribution above and beyond. Parking is no different. We honor our own at the events that we hold annually. Those people have been nominated by their peers for their outstanding work. Most often you don’t have to think about it, they stand out and you know it.

I commend the Parking Today awards program to you and recommend that you nominate the outstanding people in your organization. The nominees will be promoted in Parking Today and the winner will be presented at the Parking Industry Exhibition in May. Go online to the PIE web site. It’s quick, easy and let’s face it, they deserve it.


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