The Torture is Over

As you may remember dear readers, I take most of my news by looking out the window or reporting on things that happen to me. I do this because I firmly believe that everything printed or spoken as ‘news’ is usually exactly the opposite of the truth, but that’s for another time.

I am now firmly convinced that the pandemic is on the run and may be in fact falling off the cliff.

I went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned. For the past two years all the modern devices used to clean teeth have been sidelined and utensils developed by Torquemada during the inquisition have been used instead.

In our fair state, dentists have been prevented from using an ultrasonic device that vibrates at 30,000 times a second and painlessly strips away plaque from one’s canines. Seems the device also uses a small spray to wash away the resulting pieces of plaque and keep the tip cool.  That increases the possibility of deadly corona virus critters from escaping from your mouth and infecting the technician, who by the way is wearing something akin to a hazmat suit.

The techs have to use those little scrapers that gouge your gums, cause bleeding, and sound like fingernails on a blackboard. I’m sure they are the same tools George Washington’s dentist used on him before he was fitted with false teeth.

However today, we are back into the 21st century. The ultrasonic machine is back. My hygienist sailed through the cleaning, and I was relaxed and had a mouthful of clean teeth about a half an hour later.

This is reality sports fans. The dental community is among the most conservative when it comes to hygiene and Corona sent them into overdrive. Loosening in this area is a win for everyone and an acknowledgement by a portion of the medical community that things are looking up.

You read it here first. The pandemic is in deed on the run. And you don’t have to fear the torturers at the dentist the next time you go for a cleaning.


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