Parking Today April

The vagaries of printers and the US mail require us to prepare Parking Today about three weeks before the actual date on the masthead. We are finishing April now and it is dynamite. 84 pages of parking news, stories, and info about PIE 2022.

Astrid leads off with a boffo article using her inimitable style to prepare us for an exciting time in Reno. Sprinkled throughout are short stories by folks presenting at PIE describing their seminars. Very interesting.

We also have a piece by the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Robert Milner on how the parking industry in his city came together to assist in the funeral of three Baltimore Firefighters. Its fascinating that such a seeming routine event could be difficult to plan, but if you consider that literally hundreds of fire trucks and the associated support vehicles were involved, it was a major event.

We have over 20 pages covering the upcoming Parking Industry Exhibition in Reno, a story about the ‘restarting’ of Streetline, a warm and wonderful piece by Tez’s Katherine Beaty on Five Languages of Love in Parking and an article on Automation in Parking from Israel.

We also have a sad farewell to Richard N. Best and our normal bevy of columnists.

The on line version will be ‘up’ at our web site on April 1, and in your mailboxes shortly thereafter.

Thanks to Astrid, Brian, Marcy, Melissa, Shelly, Romina, Kelley and the rest of the PT team that made this terrific issue possible


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