The saddest time of all

The saddest time of all, I think, is when friends argue. It’s fair to disagree, and discuss differing points of view. However a full blown argument moves from reason to emotion. That’s no fun. It becomes hurtful, is  filled with half-truths, and leads to upset and ulcers.

My friend Taso Zografos over at Streetline sent in the following:

 When I was a kid and would argue, compete against, or outright fight with my siblings, I recall my uneducated, blue collar working immigrant father would line us all up, show us his hand with stretched out fingers and say —

“You see my hand.  You see my fingers on my hand.  All these fingers are connected to this hand.  And all these fingers are NOT all the same – they are each different and unique. BUT – these unique individual fingers can do many great things when they work together.  If nothing else, remember this — They can make a strong handshake or a powerful fist.  Use them wisely.”

Smart guy, Taso’s father.


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  1. Barbara Chance says:

    What a great life lesson, at any age.

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