Airports are Jammed – Prices Are on the Rise

People are on the move. It’s spring break and airlines are jammed. Airport Parking is filling up. I recommend reservations if you are leaving you car at the airport. The airport parking in our building fills every weekend. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s real. Every flight I have taken in the last month has been full.

There is something else to consider. The famous ‘across a Saturday night’ airfare.  If you leave on Saturday from Miami for LAX and return on Wednesday, the airfare is around $300.  If you leave on Sunday it doubles. This is pretty much the case for everywhere, so if you can, make your plans accordingly.

It’s time to use all the travel tricks you can. The most important is to register for TSA pre. It’s easy to do and it will save you eons of time standing in line at the airport. Go on line and get it done. Plus you aren’t in the line with the family with four kids who fly once every three years and have no clue what’s going on. The second is carry on – if you can, pack light and skip all the lines dropping off and picking up your suitcases. Also, there are no lost bags if you don’t check.

Get your act together when you go through the TSA checkpoint. Put your phone, watch and all other metal in your carry on before you get there.  That way you don’t have to take up yours and everyone else’s time undressing by the belt. Then pick up your bag and move away from the checkpoint. Reassemble yourself later.

I strongly suggest you join the airline’s club if you can afford it. It’s a respite from the hustle and bustle of the airport and you can often get a free meal (depending on the club).

If you can, pay the extra few bucks and board early. It will take a lot of stress of the boarding process and allow you to get settled before the flight takes off.

I’m sure that if you are a road warrior you know all these things, but well, just sayin.


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