Memorial Day 2022

I have more to say about the movie Top Gun, Maverick, elsewhere but all I can say here is celebrate Memorial Day and go see it. Memorial Day celebrates the heroes that have protected our freedoms and you cannot see this movie without remembering them.

Take a moment between the BBQ and Beer and reflect. If you were in the military, my thanks to you. You know what this is all about. If you weren’t consider just what sacrifices were made in your name.

If you have an opportunity ask a veteran just why there is a tear in his or her eye when they hear a few bars of the song that marks their branch of the service. Whether its celebrating caissons, the wild blue yonder, anchors aweigh, or the halls of Montezuma, the music brings a tug its difficult to hide. And many find difficult to describe. I know I do.

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance. Focus a bit on someone you know who is a veteran and remember just what they did. Then go back to the brats and beer. It will taste just a bit better.


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