Thank Heaven its not the industry we grew up in

I have reread the post below about “not the industry we grew up in” and feel it needs some comment.

I wonder if the commenter wasn’t looking at the world through glasses seeped in time and age. It is difficult to see the reality of the world after half a century. I don’t know whether its reality or fear that we face when we look around us and see so many changes.

It’s sad to me to see someone so seeped in knowledge take the curmudgeon way out. I’m sure when he was 29 he had no clue as to what to do with his parking operation. He grew into that over the years, just as the young Turks coming along in our industry will do the same.

Sure, many will take the easy way, and float along just as many did as the industry began to mature in the 70s and 80s. But mark my words, many will become leaders and will quickly, certainly more quickly and we did, pick up the necessary knowledge to make this an industry of which to be proud.

Frustration comes easily to those with a few gray hairs on the head. “It’s so obvious, why can’t these kids see it.” These oldsters become consultants and then spend their golden years finding everything wrong. How sad.

I wonder just how much value would be created if these codgers spend their time giving the newbies the benefit of their experience. We don’t have to start over with every generation.

It might also pay for them to listen to the youngsters. You are never too old to learn.


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