August 2022

Free Parking Isn’t Green – Yeah, Right

An article published over at The Good Men Project by Joe Cortright and my buddy Tony Jordan lambasts the (get this) The National Renewable Energy Lab for building a LEED Certified “green” garage because it is too big. It has … Continue reading

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Parable of the Two Shoppers

I was at the supermarket the other day and noted that the number of baggers was below normal. In most of the lanes, the cashiers were on their own. There were two men in front of me. One was a … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Oppose “Work from Home”

Not everyone knows everything about their job. They need support from their peers when they have problems. Let’s face it. It’s impossible to know everything. When we hit the wall, what do we normally do. We wander down the hall … Continue reading

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A Great Leader

I’m pulling together the October issue of PT and am humbled by the articles we have on hand. We reached out to organizations industry wide and received nearly 30 responses. The goal was to have a description of ‘leadership.’ In … Continue reading

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I got a response to my 70% Blog

My blog about 70% of onstreet revenue coming from citations brought a pretty strong response from Joe Sciulli and Clyde Wilson. I thought them important enough to bring them out into the light of day as a separate post. From … Continue reading

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To Censor or Not?

We had a bit of a set to here at PT world headquarters when I asked one of our staff to take down a social media post. It had subtly denigrated a former staffer. There was a complaint, I reacted. … Continue reading

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70% of our Revenue Comes from Citations

Over on the IPMI member forum there is an interesting question posed. “What is the percentage breakdown between onstreet meter revenues and citation collections. The response was anywhere from 50/50 to 60/40 to as high as 30/70. That is, 30 … Continue reading


The $50 Steak

I’m not talking about a steak served in a restaurant with a baked potato, creamed spinach, warm sour dough bread, a Caesar salad to start, and chocolate cake to finish it up. I’m talking about a steak in the butcher’s … Continue reading

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A Parking App that…

I like to read mystery stories.  I just pick out ones that look fairly interesting from Amazon and download them to my kindle.  This weekend I was reading a novel called “Devine’s Providence.” by Stephen Reney. It’s the story about … Continue reading

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The New Normal, Bah Humbug

I’m hearing daily about “the new normal.” Consultants and so called Thought Leaders are constantly telling us that we are in a ‘new normal.’ Society, both social and professional have changed to the point that we must embrace the new … Continue reading