The reviews are in and they are ‘boffo’. The IPMI convention in New Orleans was a grand success. Although I wasn’t in attendance, I’m overwhelmed with positive reports. Not that the parties and seminars weren’t  ‘super fantastic.’ I’m sure they met the IPMI’s usual standards. I’m hearing something a tad different.

Reports coming in are reflecting an attitude that permeated the event. People were engaged, they were happy to be there. They had kicked covid under the bus and were just excited to be around their peers and having discussions they missed for the past nearly three years.

It is nothing but good. Positive attitudes reflect success. Not only success for exhibitors but success for those running parking organizations nationwide. People came away from the IPMI with a refreshing outlook on parking life. There is no higher praise.

We here at PT wish Shawn Conrad and his crew only the best.


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