Las Vegas is Booming

An article in the Wall Street Journal today noted that the numbers in Las Vegas are at an all time high. This includes visitors, gaming, hotel guests, just about everything. This can be nothing but good news for business. People are traveling and spending money. Even in the heat of a Las Vegas summer.

The average hotel room in sin city has increased from just over $100 per night to nearly $200 and that’s not slowing down visitors at all. Pent up demand is exploding all over southern Nevada.

This, along with full airplanes and crowds at other destination locations tells us that despite Covid, Monkeypox, and pessimistic reports on the economy, people are traveling, spending money, and looking at a pandemic in the rear view mirror.

From my point of view, this means that the pessimism we have seen over the past nearly three years is waning and optimism is winning out. But what about parking.

I don’t know about you, but the garage under my office is nearing capacity each day. I’m running into people in the elevator, most with smiles on their faces. What with the positive attitudes we saw at PIE and the IMPI, employment numbers, and the like, it seems we can look to a positive fourth quarter and 2023 to come.

Welcome back, America. We missed you.


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