October 2022

It’s Called Life

Kathi Thomas Gibson of the City of Las Vegas spoke to the SWPTA group and caught my eye with this graphic. Yes, its true — we all go through the same stuff differently. We don’t know just what our neighbor … Continue reading

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A bit more on EVs

I was honored to be asked to sit on a panel to present my thoughts on “the Future of Parking” at the annual SWPTA meeting in Las Vegas. The discussion turned towards EVs and their impact on the industry. An … Continue reading

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Parking should be made expensive enough to make the poor take the bus.

I have for years expressed concern about the ‘fixing’ of society’s ills. Our betters have a solution, that in most cases involves increasing the cost of something and the folks that take it in the shorts are the most financially … Continue reading

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The Consequences of the Status Quo

I think the consequences of the status quo come in two flavors. First, maintaining the status quo in business can be anathema. It means no change, everything remains the same. This can be horrific when applied to how businesses grow … Continue reading

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No thinking person jokes about disasters, particularly those over which we have no control. One can only imagine the horror that the residents of Ft Myers and Cape Coral  and the environs are feeling right now. They rightly deserve our … Continue reading