The Parking Industry Expo and the Big Ten Parking and Transportation Conference Announce Joint Event for 2023

The Parking Industry Expo and the Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference are excited to announce that their joint 2023 conference events will be held on March 28-30, 2023 at the Schaumberg Convention Center, PIE Director Marcy Sparrow … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day, 2022

When one writes about a recurring topic, we try to make the approach different from last time. It’s difficult when honoring veterans as the themes are usually similar – honor, commitment, sacrifice, love of country – and rightly so. Veterans … Continue reading

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CMPA Meets in Los Angeles

The California Mobility and Parking Association met this week in LA and held a boffo event. Nearly 400 parking pros attended the two day event.I was most impressed with the professionalism shown by CMPA president John Hamblen and his board … Continue reading

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Maslow and the Election

As I write this at one in the afternoon on election day, I have no clue as to the potential outcomes. However, if one is to believe the media (and I don’t) the political pendulum will swing and a different … Continue reading

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OMG — Talk about people who just don’t understand

If you are a regular reader, you know that I think “Next Door” is anathema to civil society. However, from time to time a headline catches my eye and well here goes:  The Headline: I found this on my windshield.. … Continue reading

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There is a Tad of Hypocrisy in Each of us

Hypocrisy is evil, and we all aspire to leave it in our wake. However, we all fail. Whether we like it or not, there is a tad of hypocrisy in each of us. Believe it. According to John Hinderaker over … Continue reading


It’s Called Life

Kathi Thomas Gibson of the City of Las Vegas spoke to the SWPTA group and caught my eye with this graphic. Yes, its true — we all go through the same stuff differently. We don’t know just what our neighbor … Continue reading

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A bit more on EVs

I was honored to be asked to sit on a panel to present my thoughts on “the Future of Parking” at the annual SWPTA meeting in Las Vegas. The discussion turned towards EVs and their impact on the industry. An … Continue reading

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Parking should be made expensive enough to make the poor take the bus.

I have for years expressed concern about the ‘fixing’ of society’s ills. Our betters have a solution, that in most cases involves increasing the cost of something and the folks that take it in the shorts are the most financially … Continue reading

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The Consequences of the Status Quo

I think the consequences of the status quo come in two flavors. First, maintaining the status quo in business can be anathema. It means no change, everything remains the same. This can be horrific when applied to how businesses grow … Continue reading

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