Are US Charging Stations Going To Kill the EV Movement?

Astrid nailed it this morning with a post over at Parknews.biz. The headline is above.

It’s a video by Marques Brownlee that features his experience helping someone trying to charge their Tesla at a non Tesla charging station. Its theme is that charging stations are difficult to use, and when you can figure out how to use them, they often simply don’t work.

Brownlee is an early adapter of an electric vehicle and is very favorably inclined towards them. However he is concerned that the entire EV movement may be sabotaged by a less than stellar charging experience. The video depicts a woman driving a borrowed Tesla, attempting to charge it at a shopping mall. She asks Brownlee for help since he is also driving a Tesla. The story evolves from there. The unsaid theme is that if she was driving an ICE vehicle, she would have driven into a gas station, filled up the car, and driven out. Borrowed car or not.

His advice, hidden in the video, is that if you are considering installing EV charging stations, be sure they work, be sure they are easy to use, and be sure you provide the proper maintenance to keep them working. You would hate to have the reputation of your garage besmirched by a shoddy charging event.


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