February 2023

Premature Electrification

Let’s face it – the Dodge Ram commercial for a truck that doesn’t exist was the funniest of all the multimillion dollar ads aired during the ‘big game’. For those of you who didn’t see it, I suggest you Google … Continue reading

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Are We Diluting the Parking Business

When Lee Iacocca said “I’m in the car business” he was focused like a laser beam on his core business and on saving Chrysler from extinction. He wasn’t in the airplane business, the motorcycle business, the business of building buses … Continue reading

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Does Big Wind Need Another Bailout?

I am musing over an article I read at the blog Hot Air. Seems the major suppliers of wind turbines, including Germany’s Siemens, Denmark’s Vestas, US’s General Electric, Denmark’s Orsted, each have lost billions, with a B, in 2022 in … Continue reading


Frustration VS Acceptance

This is probably one of those blogs I should write then delete. Let’s see how it turns out. I am deaf. Well not totally deaf, but my hearing loss is in the exact frequency of speech. I can hear the … Continue reading

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Should we complicate a process, just because we can?

Are we, as a parking industry, supporting all our customers? Astrid over at parknews.biz has posted article after article bemoaning cities and parking organizations that are requiring their customers to use various parking apps to pay their parking. This, it … Continue reading