Patton – Security is an Issue – Our PR is Suffering

Bob Harkins and Brandy Stanley are heading this seminar at the Parking Industry Expo 2023 to describe the problem and then give you some answers as to how to make your facility and your customers more secure in a difficult world. Bob brings a career in the military plus his sojourn as VP at the University of Texas to bear on just how to make your facility more welcoming and secure. Brandy has spent her time in parking running cities, small and large. These two know their stuff. Don’t miss this seminar.

It will be held Thursday March 30th, at 8:00 AM.

But what does “Patton” have to do with it. The titles of PIE 2023 seminars are connected with movie titles. In this case, the famous WWII general had little concern about his public relations, however, those of us in the parking business know the importance of our PR. And good security and a welcoming facility makes all the difference. Join us at the Schaumburg Convention Center March 28 – 30 and participate in more than 25 seminars, a huge parking technology exhibit hall, and various networking events. Check it out online at PIE 2023.





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