Why Not a World Parking Forum?

CEOs from around the world talk about parking, where it is and where they think their organizations are going. These people have been in the business and know what they are talking about. They are from the US, Italy, India, France, and Australia. They will not fly in on their private jets, but they will bring insight into their business, and yours.

The World Parking Forum opens the Parking Industry Expo 2023 being held at the end of March at the Renaissance Convention Centre in Schaumburg, IL.

Forum panelists include George Baker, Sr., Sarah Blouch, Luca Bovalino, Rajiv Jain, Jordan Justus, Benoit Reliquet, John Curtiss, and Brian Wolff.

The events at PIE 2023 are tag lined with a movie that may or may not describe that event. The movie that motivates these leaders is The World is not Enough. Will it take 007 to innovate an entire industry? Be at PIE 2023 Tuesday March 28 to find out.

The Parking Industry Expo will host over 100 companies featuring parking technology, over 20 seminars, various networking events including speed networking, Top Golf, the “Light up the Night” opening extravaganza, and a tailgate party held in the exhibit hall.

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