Parking Industry Expo Focuses On EV Charging

The purchase of EV charging stations can be difficult for parking owners and operators. PIE 2023 has two seminars that will focus like a laser beam on these issues. First, a panel made up of parking managers from a small and large city, an airport, a developer,  will discuss the pluses and minuses. This is where reality kicks in. Then at the same seminar, a panel of EV charging suppliers will answer your questions about this most interesting subject.

The second seminar, the following day, will discuss what kind of issue does the prospect of EV (electric vehicle) adoption in the transportation economy represent for the Parking Industry? Is it a novel challenge or even a game changer?  Many questions are raised by EV adoption, but are they creating their own narrative echo chamber distracting from known facts and issues? What do we know now about the facts and the numbers?

These two seminars are the place to ask your questions and get answers. For full information about PIE 2023 log on here.

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