The Movie Titles Connected with the Seminars at PIE. What do they mean?

When  Astrid and I came up with the movie titles, we had some idea in the back of our minds how they fit the subject of the seminars. However, some of the seminar presenters had entirely different ideas about the titles. Creativity knows no limit, so we leave it up to you.

Think about it – Into the Spiderverse, the Ins and outs of EV Charging, for instance. Let’s face it, the web slinger leads a most complex life, and what could be more complex that EV Charging, unless one thinks of just how much we need to learn about the teenage crime fighter. Who knows when a radioactive spider might take a nip out of you?

So, its up to you just what the relationship is between the movie titles and the seminars. Have a blast.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Schaumburg in a week or so.



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