They are Liars and Thieves

I get an email every day or so from someone wanting to sell me an ‘attendee list’ for the Parking Industry Expo 2023, or in fact for the IPMI 2023, or periodically, for the NPA event. The source of these lists is unknown, but people still respond to such requests. It couldn’t be more fake if it had originated in Nigeria, and perhaps it did.

If you get such a request there is only one thing to do: “DELETE.”

The only legitimate lists of attendees at PIE and the others mentioned above come from the organizers. PERIOD. In our case if you want a list before the event, you should have been an exhibitor. It will be sent out free of charge shortly. Sorry, that’s how it works.

Or, you could show up at the event week after next and meet the attendees in person. See you soon.


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