Memorial Day 2023

We remember the fallen on Memorial Day. These patriots have given their lives so we can live in the greatest country on earth. In the last wars, they volunteered to go into hell knowing there was a good chance they wouldn’t return. If you haven’t been there, it is impossible  to know what they were thinking or feeling.

They knew they were doing something important. And they did it without hesitation. Now they are memories. Memories for sons and daughters, for brothers and sisters, for moms and dads, for friends. We remember them and think about what they have missed by making those decisions to go and protect us.

Modern medical technology has meant that many who would have died survived. They returned missing limbs, with other physical and mental wounds, and are living memories of just what we think about on Memorial Day.

For some care stopped in an instant on the battlefield. For many others care continues. Remember those who died, but also remember those who survived. I commend to you the Wounded Warrior Project. Learn about it here.


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