June 2023

“To Me, It’s like a Contract”   

Let’s tell it like it is. Our industry has a bad reputation. Garages are dirty, filled with crime. Prices are through the roof ($30 for the first 10 minutes in some places). Citations are given without forethought. PEOs are so … Continue reading

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Let’s Do Away with Cars

I have taken some criticism on my blog where I said that those in the ‘parking reform’ business were actually trying to do away with cars. This is from the Parking Reform Network website (Emphasis mine) A repeal of costly … Continue reading


15 Minute City

The latest idea to come out of our friends in the environmental movement is the 15 minute city. The idea is that everything you need including your job, shopping, and play will be within a 15 minute walk of your … Continue reading


It’s Hard to Make it Easy!

Astrid has an interesting article up at parknews.biz about the city of Chico, CA,  and their hiring of parking “Concierges” to help parkers through the labyrinth of dealing with new parking kiosks and an app to pay for their parking. … Continue reading

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Bring a discussion out into the Sunlight

My post about “Parking, Is it really as bad as they say” Brought a number of comments that I thought were important enough to be shown the light of day. Don Shoup: Hi John, I’m happy to hear that you … Continue reading


Just What is “Mobility?”

Just what is ‘mobility?’ The best answer I can get is that it’s the use of some way to get from point A to point B without using a privately owned vehicle. Consider: bus, bike, scooter, feet (walk), light rail, … Continue reading

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IPMI Meets in Ft. Worth

The IPMI has begun its annual parking conference in Ft.Worth. We wish them all the best at their extravaganza. The IPMI (then the IPI) was the organization that took parking conferences to their current level decades ago and have never … Continue reading

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Parking — Is it really as bad as people say?

The book by Henry Grabar, a staff writer for Slate, is making the rounds and he has become a media darling. By playing off Joni Mitchell’s song, he seems to have garnered some credibility. Its title: Paved Paradise: How Parking … Continue reading


But wait…Parking Generates $$$

Numerous studies done in the past decades have shown that a simple onstreet parking space in a business district is, depending on the area, is responsible for upwards of $300,000 in business for surrounding stores. So, what do we do … Continue reading

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Just Blame “Climate Change”

The LA Times is headlining a a poll that notes that 70% of the respondents expect volatile swings in weather to be commonplace due to Climate Change. Oh Please. We had a few drought years, it was climate change. We … Continue reading

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